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With over 20 years of experience under my belt, being inducted into The International Association of Orthopedic Surgeons was a great honor. Patients are always thumbing through The Leading Physicians of the World in the waiting room, and complimenting me on my achievements. It is nice to have something tangible documenting my success, and is an honor for both myself and my family.

John Silverstein
Silver Orthopedic Center

Choosing a doctor is never easy, especially when it comes to your child. When my 14 year old son, needed elbow surgery, I knew he needed the best. He has been playing baseball since he was 4, and at 14 was an all star pitcher for the varsity team. The thought of him not being able to play was devastating, and we knew we needed to find the best orthopedic surgeon to ensure his recovery.

A friend of mine had a copy of The Leading Physicians of the World in her home. I found it so useful, as I was able to read about each doctor and their specific accomplishments. The doctor that I chose was one who had worked with many major league baseball teams, and performed these types of surgeries often. I was instantly comfortable in my decision, and Jonathon has since made a full recovery.

Informative books like The Leading Physicians of the World, help parents like myself make difficult decisions that much easier.

Mary Anne Becker
Peoria, Illinois

I am an old school physician, providing great care and getting most of my business from referrals. I have a plethora of experience, but was unable to swiftly adjust to the changing ways of doing business. I had always operated off of relationships, and a simple ad in the phonebook. When I became a member of the International Association of Orthopedic Surgeons I began to see the value of online marketing.

They generated free publicity for me all over the web, and I was coming up first in a web page search for an orthopedic surgeon in my area on Google and the other search engines. The value it has brought to my practice is priceless. Now at the age of retiring, I am leaving a flourishing practice to my oldest son who decided to follow in my footsteps.

Richard Koss, MD
Sinai Orthopedic Care

Thank You IAOS! I called you when my mother needed a hip replacement, and asked for your help in finding a physician in my area. Your staff was extremely kind, and even sent me more information on the procedure, and a copy of your book for free. Thank you!!

Steven Mondaleo
Scottsdale, Arizona

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